We use the digital world to verify the real one.

While other businesses help you grow, Oaro helps you know.

We are all moving at the speed of light. The digital information that has become the bedrock of our world, keeps pace at just under 300 million meters per second, finding its way to every inch of the connected world in milliseconds. But while information is approaching hyper-speed, to call our methods of verification sluggish would be an understatement.

Fraud, misinformation, security breaches – fiction moves as fast as the facts. How can we know anything? Oaro is how.


SaaS-based Cyber security solutions built for the Global Enterprise

  • Oaro Identity

    Streamline client/contractor onboarding, digital ID and account creation

  • Oaro Certify

    Reduce the staff burden of quality checks with a tamper proof, digital record

  • Oaro Admit

    Digital ticketing that allows for frictionless entry and eliminate scalpers

  • Oaro Photo

    Authenticate the user identity, content, timestamp, and GPS coordinates of images


Global operations with main offices in Halifax and Madrid.

Contact us for more information on how OARO can help your business know better.


  • Halifax

    1969 Upper Water Street
    Suite 2001,
    Halifax, NS B3J 3R7

    (+1) 587 582 3971

  • Madrid

    Conde de Peñalver,
    38 6B - 28006 Madrid

    (+34) 664 339 683


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