We use the digital world to help your business verify the real one.

The verification solutions created by our computer scientists are some of the most sophisticated in the world; it’s why major institutions and businesses from across the globe call us when they need to verify first, trust second.

Digital Security Solutions built for the Global Enterprise

We connect people to their identities and their information, and we simplify your business processes while doing it. Onboard, and admit your people faster, keep their information and yours secure -- and help the truth move a whole lot faster.


    A paperless ticketing solution that allows you to control secondary markets, and improve the fan experience

  • A secure entry solution that uses advanced facial recognition to eliminate keycards

  • Verify the authenticity of photos and videos with immutable timestamps, GPS coordinates, and user identity information

  • Secure facial recognition software streamlines contractor and employee onboarding, as well as digital ID account creation

  • Create assurance for your quality management program with inalterable records

Partners in Truth

Case Studies


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Tech Oct 09OARO Develops App to Sell Tickets for Royal Spanish Football Federation
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