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Relying on clipboards and signatures is not only inefficient and expensive, but it’s also not accurate. The world has evolved and so have our methods of quality management. With OARO COMPLY, your business no longer has to assume that the appropriate quality checks occurred. Your business can know, and so can the rest of the world.


  • Enterprise-sized businesses with rigorous administrative, quality management processes in industries such as pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and manufacturing


  • Cloud-based solution for quality document and process management
  • Digital templates are easily created by scanning existing documentation
  • Customizable rules for form filling, signing, and validation
  • Automated verifications, notifications, and document reconciliation
  • Integrations with ERP systems such as SAP


Expense reduction, staff burden required for administration is significantly reduced through standardization and automation

Eliminates manual validation of reports

Makes complex regulatory compliance simple

Reduces legal and compliance risks arising from human error or lost reports

Makes complex quality processes paperless, tamper-proof and inspection-ready


Flexible and intuitive user interface available on web browsers and mobile devices
OARO IDENTITY for user authentication and security
Uses distributed ledger technology to satisfy global regulatory requirements for immutable audit trails
Advanced electronic signatures

Case Study

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Note. Due to the confidential nature of some of our projects, we’ve omitted the client’s name. For references to further details, please contact us directly.

Reducing the administrative burden of quality assurance

  • - Multinational pharmaceutical company
  • - Revenues of more than $30B annually
  • - 100,000 employees in 150 countries
  • - OARO COMPLY reduced administrative time for quality reports by 75% creating a material reduction in operating expenses

Consumers need to know whether they’re squeezing a tube of toothpaste or popping an antacid; those products are manufactured to the highest standards. Unfortunately for our client, the corresponding and somewhat staggering administrative burden is both costly, inefficient, and puts a heavy strain on employees. OARO crafted a digital version of its robust quality assurance process using blockchain technology. The result was a program that saved time, money, but also offered the client greater security and transparency.