The OARO eco-NFT is an environmentally friendlier NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that enables brands to create unique, limited edition digital collectibles for their fans.

What is a Non-Fungible Token or NFT? 

An NFT is like a certificate of authenticity; it is a unique blockchain-based digital identifier that verifies the digital asset is unique (non-fungible).

OARO has been a trusted global service provider of blockchain solutions since 2017. Our tried-and-tested blockchain technology ensures our NFTs can be easily created and securely exchanged.

The OARO eco-NFT is powered by OARO’s private cloud blockchain platform, an environmentally friendlier alternative to NFTs created on the public Ethereum blockchain.

NFTs powered by enterprise blockchains, such as OARO’s, consume a lot less energy than NFTs powered by public blockchains like Bitcoin. How? Our private blockchain has been optimized so it is faster, less expensive to transact and consumes less energy because it requires significantly less computational resources to function and achieve network consensus.

The OARO eco-NFT is fully compatible with the public Ethereum network, so our NFTs can be migrated to the public blockchain, if the owner chooses.

The OARO team delivers an exceptionally quick Time-to-Market; your NFT marketplace can be built within one week, so you can launch your digital NFT collection to the world faster than your competition.

To view some of the NFT digital collections powered by OARO, please visit our partners:

The Royal Spanish Football Federation, the governing body of football in Spain. RFEF NFT Fantasy is an interactive game featuring Spain’s national team playing in the UEFA EURO 2021 Championship.

The EuroLeague, the top-tier European professional basketball club competition, organized by Euroleague Basketball. It has the highest average attendance of any professional indoor sports league in the world outside of the United States.

Planeta Junior, a European leader in content for children, young people and families. Planeta Junior Digital Collections includes NFTs featuring children’s film and TV characters Maya the Bee, Marco, and Vicky the Viking.

Artereum, a NFT marketplace created by OARO for artists and auction houses. Enabling the first ever auction of an art NFT in Latin America, "VIVA" by Juan Carlos del Valle, in partnership with Morton Subastas.

OARO eco-NFT partners


Environmentally friendlier private cloud blockchain platform.

Users can migrate NFTs to public Ethereum blockchain if desired.

Fast to Market, technology-ready NFT platforms can be built in one week.

Enables brands and content creators to offer unique digital collectibles for their fans.

Choice of white label marketplace or shared B2C marketplace powered by OARO.