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We connect people to their identities, and we simplify your business processes while doing it. Normally increased security comes with additional layers of process; the opposite is true with OARO IDENTITY — as processes become simpler, they become more secure.


  • Leading enterprise-sized businesses across all verticals, but specifically healthcare providers, global insurers, and financial services


  • Advanced biometric authentication for users of web portals, mobile apps and access to secure areas in buildings

  • Passwordless multi-factor authentication across devices (Web, iOS, Android)

  • Facial recognition login on any device, anywhere, anytime


Prevents unauthorized access and security breaches

Reduces administrative costs of authenticating clients and employees

Creates a frictionless experience for users

Tamper-proof logs of all access events and administrator activities

Improves the efficiency of your security spend

Users can access multiple services across business lines with a single digital identity


User enrolls with a short video selfie, creating a unique, encrypted digital identity 

User authenticates with their face from any device, no password or special app required

When a user logs in, our system scans their face and generates an encrypted code, which is checked against their digital ID in real-time

Optional verification of government-issued photo ID

Blockchain technology provides a distributed and adaptive security layer assuring system integrity

A privacy-by-design approach means no end-user private biometric data is ever stored

Case Study

A Global Insurance Company

Note. Due to the confidential nature of some of our projects, we’ve omitted the client’s name. For references to further details, please contact us directly.

Piloting a solution to protect the privacy of 30M clients

  • - 37,000 employees
  • - 49 countries
  • - 30M clients
  • - $26B in revenue
  • - Significant reduction in operating expenses

A Global 100 Insurer, asked OARO to pilot a project that would allow them to digitize the information of their 30M clients. Our DLT-backed approach, combined with biometric facial recognition, turns customer's faces into their passwords. Set up takes minutes and can happen anywhere through a prompt sent to mobile phones. The result is complete privacy of customer information, passwordless authentication, and the ability for customers to create a legally binding signature on any document, from anywhere.