We connect people to their identities using advanced facial recognition, simplifying processes for leading enterprise-sized businesses across all verticals. OARO IDENTITY is an end-to-end solution enabling user authentication and authorization across devices, business lines, and organizational boundaries – reducing cost and complexity while improving overall user experience and security.

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Simplified identification across all business lines and applications

Seamless onboarding and login with our passwordless approach to the user experience

Advanced biometric authentication via web portals and mobile apps

Reduced risk associated with lost or stolen keycards or badges

Improved cybersecurity through advanced cryptography

Heightened system integrity

Increased cross-selling revenues

Improved security spend efficiency

Reduced administration costs

Case Application

Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM)

Note. Due to the confidential nature of some of our projects, we’ve omitted the client’s name. For references to further details, please contact us directly.

Verified Digital Identity for eVoting and Citizen Participation

About the client

  • - Electoral authority for elections and procedures for citizen participation
  • - 33 electoral districts
  • - 7,519,537 voters (2018)

In June 2019, changes to electoral laws in Mexico City came into effect, introducing direct democracy through an online citizen participation platform.OARO provides Identity as a Service to IECM’s Digital Platform for Citizen Participation, verifying the identity and eligibility of each voter using a photo ID scan and a video ‘selfie’. OARO’s technology prevents multiple registrations by the same citizen, and registrations by ineligible voters.


  • 75% reduction in time to onboard
  • Significant reduction in admin costs

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