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Expertly forged photos and videos, known as deep fakes, have already begun to permeate the world. Historically the domain of Hollywood studios, technological advances in artificial intelligence now allow any motivated individual to realistically tamper with photos and videos. We cannot trust our eyes to tell us the truth; we have to trust the data. OARO MEDIA creates an immutable data trail that allows everyone from users to businesses authenticate any photo or video.


  • Insurers, news outlets, online marketplaces, government organizations


  • A mobile app that provides true authentication for photos and videos


Prevent fraud of all types due to deep fakes

Reduces the time and cost of claims management by up to 90%

Integrates with existing apps

Tamper-proof records


Media is embedded with an unfakeable record of user identity, content, timestamp, and GPS coordinates

Case Study

National Insurance Company

Note. Due to the confidential nature of some of our projects, we’ve omitted the client’s name. For references to further details, please contact us directly.

Blockchain backed photo verification for insurance claims

  • - A large insurer with more than 1M insured homes
  • - Our solution enabled a 90% reduction in claim time

Historically the process of authenticating insurance claims has been arduous and involved high staff costs. Adjusters needed to visit sites in person to verify the damage that homeowners and car owners were claiming. Santalucia was looking for a solution that would mitigate fraud-related losses and reduce the administrative burden on adjusters. They approached OARO about a solution.

Our team integrated the OARO MEDIA API into their existing app. This gave our client's customers the ability to record damage and submit the images directly through the app. Images and photos could not be photoshopped or tampered with in any way without their adjusters being able to spot it a mile away. It also meant that instead of site visits, adjusters could guide clients using the app to take capture additional details. The technology allowed them to reduce the claims processing time by 90% resulting in significant capital savings for the business.