Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Detection

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many organizations have deployed thermal cameras as a pre-screening tool to prevent the spread of the virus. Elevated body temperature (EBT) can be an indicator of a fever, the primary symptom of COVID-19. OARO’s automated EBT detection system is not a medical device and does not diagnose COVID-19 or replace assessment by a medical professional. The system is intended for preliminary screening of many people in a short time without an operator.

Most EBT solutions available in the market today require an operator with thermal camera training. If the operator fails to correctly adjust for ambient temperature calibration, focus, distance to target, and other factor, then even the most accurate thermal camera cannot produce accurate testing outcomes. In other words, the accuracy of EBT as a screening tool is not equivalent to the absolute accuracy of the thermal camera used. OARO ACCESS with EBT detection uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fully automate thermal camera screening and physical access control. This includes the ISO recommend best practice of taking skin temperatures from the subject’s tear ducts. OARO’s system is compliant with ISO/TR 13154:2017(E). 

Disclaimer: OARO's products do not diagnose Covid-19 or any other medical condition. OARO and its partners are not advertising this system for medical use or as a medical device. OARO ACCESS with EBT is a preliminary screening tool intended to detect individuals who have skin temperatures higher than a recorded average. Additional assessment by a medical professional is required to diagnose any illness.

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Passive and automated screening with AI

Integrates with building Access Control

No operator required

Executive dashboard can monitor enterprise-wide EBT screening operations

Scans multiple faces in motion

Optimized for large enterprise

Thermal camera accuracy +/- 0.5°C (0.9°F) for human body temperature

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